Coronavirus: The shopping nightmare that won't end.

Wasting Resources During Panic Shopping Photo by Anna Shvets on If you have gone to any grocery store in the past few weeks, you would undoubtedly see the bare shelves in the aisles that contain the typical staples we all depend on to survive. While this can be troubling, it has nothing on the … Continue reading Coronavirus: The shopping nightmare that won't end.

Homeschooling Website In The Making

With everything that is going on in the world today, homeschooling is becoming more and more popular due to uncontrollable circumstances. The coronavirus has singlehandedly seen to it that many children are left with a lot of work to do and not enough resources to do it. Many teachers across the country have pitched in … Continue reading Homeschooling Website In The Making

The Truth As It Is

The truth takes real dedication. This is my first blog post, so I wanted to take a moment to explain what this website is all about. In order deliver the truth, one must go in search of it. My experience as a writer and dedication to only honest and true posts will require plenty of … Continue reading The Truth As It Is